I Tips

Life duration 1-3 years. 1 - 1.5g full thick double drawn strands. 20" | 24" | 26" RUSSIAN MICRO RING HAIR EXTENSIONS ​ Our Micro Ring Hair Extensions are the perfect jewels for your crown! We bond each tip with our specially developed keratin polymer. This enables us to compact the bonds on our micro ring hair extensions into a tiny stick tip suitable for the smallest micro ring application. The durable material we use to form these bonds means our I tip hair extensions stay intact / no shredding and can be re applied with no re bonding. Even after several re-applications the bond can be easily re-inserted into a new micro ring . This is the reason Micro ring hair extensions are one of our best sellers. Micro ring hair extensions are also one of the safest human hair extensions application methods on the market. Causing no damage to the natural hair. Each I tip is double drawn / tiny in size and comes in 1-1.5g strands. Sale hair comes with bigger tips Lasting 1-3 years. Our Luxury Award Winning hair is of the finest quality available in the world. Sourced from the most rural parts of Russian to ensure sheer quality every time. ​ We recommend 100g -3/4 head 150g - full head 200g - extra full head 300g - limitless Stylists please see our Trade page for discounted prices. See our “shade” page for a wide range of colours & shades. I TIP HAIR COMES IN 50g BUNDLES.