Here at Stephanie hair extensions we know our clients deserve the finest hair there is available in the world.

Specialising simply in luxury high quality Russian Slavic hair , lasting up to 5 years!

We work directly with collectors to source this hair ourselves, ensuring only the finest most luxurious bundles of hair are hand picked for our clients.


Our Superior quality shiny ethically sourced, cuticle alleged Russian hair is full of lustre & retains its elasticity after many years. 

The traditional low salt with plenty of fruit and veg Russian diet helps with this by adding strength to the hair. Russian Slavic hair can come with a loose wave or naturally straight.

We collect from young Russian girls only to guarantee pure quality.

Whether you are looking for hair extensions Leeds, hair extensions Harrogate hair extensions York or hair extensions in Manchester, our salon can help.


Our clients travel to us every few months, from across the world to experience our custom made luxury hair extensions that will last them for years to come.

Each strand is individually blended and colour matched with in our Yorkshire hair extension boutique.

The hair can be re used again and again saving you money in the long run.

Whilst working in the hair extension industry we have refined our techniques and our hair supplies and now pride ourselves on using the best hair available in The World.

We know only too well that there is an abundance of counterfeit hair on the market today, but at Stephanie Hair Extensions we select only the finest quality genuine hair for our clients.


Most hair extensions in our industry come from India or China where the hair is naturally dark and must be bleached to lift it to a light colour. Some hair extension brands are lined with a fine layer of silicone to disguise the damage. If you are being sold Russian hair at a cheap price then the likelihood is that the hair is not Russian and has been pre-treated to imitate the desired colour and texture.


Virgin Russian hair that is light in colour is the most expensive, sought-after hair in the world; it can last up to five years and the cuticle is completely intact. 

We have many clients who have worn the same hair for over 4 years and have not experienced any matting drying or tangling.

Once you try this hair you will be so astonished by the sheer quality that you will never try anything else.

And Ladies remember your hair is your most powerful accessory!

Maintenance & Aftercare

If maintained correctly your luxury hair will last 1-5 years.

Our high quality maintenance appointments are essential to ensure your natural hair stays nice and healthy.

We take the health of our clients natural hair very serious. We offer a free of charge check up appointment to each client every 4 weeks. This is so we can keep a close eye on the health of our clients natural hair and to ensure the hair extensions are been looked after correctly. Any client who attends a third party for maintenance on the hair extensions please be aware that this will overwrite all liability towards stephanie hair extensions.


We then advise maintenance appointments to be every 6-10 weeks.

The cost of these appointments depends upon how many hair extensions you have and which method you choose to go with.

During this appointment, each hair extension is professionally removed strand by strand. We the re bond the hair extension using our high quality materials to ensure no shredding.

During our intense maintenance service, your natural hair is then washed, including a luxury head massage and intense conditioning treatment, blow dried, trimmed and resectioned by one of our team. This gives us an opportunity to check the health of your hair and scalp and for you to relax.

Your hair extensions are then refitted using the correct micro rings / tapes or wefts and styled before you leave our salon.

We offer the most professional service when it comes to the health of your natural hair which is why we offer a number of free check ups through out the year.

Although our hair extensions are completely damage free we always ensure our staff are highly trained to spot any underlying scalp / hair conditions etc which every salon should check for.

We believe we have the highest knowledge and experience in this field over any other salon.


Maintenance appointments last between 2 and 4 hours.

Complimentary tea, coffee, champagne, hot chocolate, cup cakes, magazines and wifi for every client.

The Hair Extensions Journey

We believe our clients deserve a VIP service every time.


The Free Initial Consultation

During your free initial consultation, one of our experienced stylists will talk you through our hair range and methods. We will explain the maintenance and speak to you about what look you desire, always ensuring you feel under no pressure. You can see and touch the hair and we will quote you a price. Then the decision is yours. If you decide to go ahead with the fitting we will then colour match your hair for a perfect seamless blend and get you booked in. This can be anything between 2 days to three week as we are usually booked up.

Custom Blending Your Hair

We stock the largest inventory of hair at our hair extensions salon Leeds. With over 300 different shades and textures to ensure the perfect match every time for our clients.

Your hair extensions will be custom made in house. So ladies with existing highlights/lowlights can rest assure that they too will receive a perfect colour match.

Once you have decided on your desired look / hair range our staff begin preparing your hair. This can take anything from 2 - 10 hours.

This process involves the hair been hackled, custom colour blended, drawn and washed.

The Fitting

Once your hair extensions are prepared it is then time for fitting. Our fitting appointments last around 2/4 hours depending on the desired look. Our highly skilled stylist will explain all the correct after care to you and offer you drinks etc ensuring you feel completely at ease. Once the hair extensions are fit it is guaranteed that you will be completely astonished at how natural and perfectly blended they look.

After your fitting we will give you your after care leaflets and invite you back in for a free of charge check up appointment 4 weeks later.