Hair Extensions - Are They For You?

Are you looking forward to longer and fuller hair? If yes, then it is time you visited your nearest hair salon for the latest in hair extension technology.

Many people are unable to grow their hair, however hard they try. This often leads to disappointment as they see people with perfectly normal, long and wavy tresses. However, with the latest in hair-extension technology, they can look forward to long, wavy locks without having to pay the world for it.

Beauty salons use individual strand extensions and weft extensions to create that long wavy hair. The techniques used are entirely different, however, the end is the same; long, beautiful hair. However, such beauty salon techniques are highly specialized and hair salons utilize the service of only the best in providing hair extensions.

Once you have decided to get an extension done by a beauty salon expert, you will need to decide whether you prefer synthetic or natural. Your specialist will match the extension to your hair color or ask your advice on what color is best. Next, the hair salon expert will bond the extension with your hair. This can be done with the help of a high tech applicator that softens the polymer bond at the end of the extension.

The other method involves hair-weaving technology that uses metal clamps to bind the extension to the hair. This procedure requires the beauty salon expert to make tiny braids running horizontally on the back of the head called tracks. These tracks are created below the hairline so that they are not noticeable. Once this is done, you will need to decide how thick you want your hair to be. Depending on the thickness required, the number of wefts will wary. After the wefts have been sewed to your hair, you can comb the hair over your hair-extensions blending it perfectly with your natural locks.

Bearing in mind the complexity of the entire operations, beauty salon experts recommend consultation with a hair expert before going ahead with the procedure.

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