How Long Do Certain Hair Extensions Last?

Hair extensions are excellent for changing your hairstyle without committing to long periods of growth and maintenance. Because many types of extensions are available through salons and on the market, you may not be sure about the best choice for your needs. Some extensions are designed to last longer than others are.

Here are some options you may want to consider, based on how long they'll last once applied:


Clip-in extensions can be applied at home or by a professional stylist. Early clip-in extensions tended to look fake, but today there are some wonderful ones on the market that look almost as seamless as other types of extension methods.

If professionally applied, some clip-ins will last for a few days at a time. For people who aren't ready to commit to the full extension experience, a clip-in is a great choice for parties and special occasions.


Tape extensions feature pieces of hair on a piece of strong tape. Natural hair is applied on either side of the tape to create a natural overall look. If properly applied, tape extensions will last for up to 3 months and can be washed naturally. They're some of the fastest semi-permanent extensions that can be applied, but they can cause damage if improperly removed.


Weaves are sewn into natural hair and are good for thick, coarse hair that can stand up to the tight braids required for the application. This type of extension typically requires an up-keep visit every six to eight weeks to maintain the natural look of the extension. A weave can add volume as well as length to natural hair, but only certain types can use them.

Glued/Keratin Bonded

These extensions are fine for most hair types and will last as long as four or five months with care. In this method, pieces of extension are fused together with hair. They look very natural and are some of the longest lasting extensions on the market today.

Depending on your grooming habits, you may need to stop by the salon for maintenance visits. But you can treat this type of extension like your normal hair with proper care. Avoid applying heat at the site of the connections, and follow all your stylist's recommendations for the best results.


Micro-bead or ring extensions feature a small clamping device at the end of the extension piece that's applied to your hair. Since there's no heat, sewing, or other application method involved, these tend to be the safest form of long-lasting extensions and will typically last up to four months with proper care. You may have more freedom to condition, dye, and style your hair with these extensions, and you can take them out or reapply them as needed over time.

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