How to Put in Hair Extensions to Achieve the Latest Celebrity Hairstyles Promptly and Inexpensively

Here is a really simple way to wear the latest celebrity hairstyle promptly and inexpensively using hair extensions do it yourself style. Perhaps the foremost questions to ask are how to put in hair extensions, how much do extensions cost, hair extension salon prices, how much does it cost to wear the latest celebrity hair style and perhaps taking care of hair extensions after fitting them?

How to Put in Hair Extensions

There are plenty of ways to put in hair extensions. Few of them are fusion, bonding, weaving and clip in.


This method is in 2 parts -- cold fusion and warm or thermal fusion. The extensions for this method have a special tip to fuse to each of your hair strands. The extensions are attached strand by strand to your hair. This can be a lengthy and costly process since it requires a professional.


Bonding method involves gluing the extensions to your hair using glue or any suitable bonding agent. The bonding is also applied strand by strand and these extensions usually need a specific remover to be applied in order to break the bond that is created with your hair in order to take them out.


Weaving is when the hair extensions are actually woven into your hair using needle to sew the hair extensions onto strands of your hair. A stylist generally does this form of hair extension at salon and the process can be quite uncomfortable due to the tight weave so that the extensions remain fixed in place.

Clip In

The clip in method is clipping in the extensions onto your hair using a special clip. Clip INS are the most temporary of the extensions and as a result the most convenient to get in and out of your hair. Now we have covered the basics of how to put in hair extensions. The next concern is achieving the latest celebrity hairstyles.

How to Achieve the Latest Celebrity Hairstyle

There are synthetic and human hair extensions. The synthetic type normally comes already styled. And the human type can in addition be styled to your liking because it can be treated the same way you can treat your hair. What does this mean? It means you're at liberty to copy the latest hairstyle and look for a hair extension designed that way or style it yourself. This way you can have any celebrity hairstyle you like.

But now comes the interesting part. How do you do all these inexpensively and promptly?

Inexpensive Way to Achieve the Latest Hairstyle Quickly

We have discussed ways to how to put in hair extensions and how you can choose any latest hairstyle to achieve the celebrity looks but how much can this cost. There is another way to apply the hair extensions and that is called the do it yourself style. In this method you need first to learn how to do it. Though this is something that you may not know and think it is only to the professional hair stylists or hair salons, it can be done cheaply and simply with the right tools. The advantage of doing it yourself method is you can save over $3000 a year in salon expenses and another 20 hours per week. So if you learn how to do-it-yourself you can save on any hairstyle and/or extension and do it quicker than you would at a hair salon -- travel time, fuel, high costs, etc.

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