50g weft. 20” | 24” | 26" For Secret Weave, weaving / micro weft / LA weave / clip in. Life span 1-3 years.
50g Bundles.
Looking for celebrity locks? Then our Mega Mane Weft hair extensions are the method for you.
Our wefts can be attached by using the following techniques, micro rings, LA weave, sewn in, clipped in. 
Each extra thick Russian hair weft is compacted onto a fine lace band, so that we can incorporate more hair per weft, and to ensure there is no shedding. 
This design means the Wefts are super comfortable to wear and extremely easy to apply.
Each double drawn weft is 50g. Lasting 1-3 years,
Our professional hair extensions after care range is recommended. 
Our Luxury Award Winning hair is of the finest quality available in the world. 
Sourced from the most rural parts of Russian to ensure sheer quality every time.
100g 3/4 head
150g full head 200g extra full
300g limitless
Please see the “shade” page for our wide range of colours & shades.
Stylists - for discount please see our Trade page.

Russian Hair Wefts | Trade £80